Simon Clarke - Chester Marathon

October 2017

Raised: £857.25

Simon Clarke - Hull Marathon

September 2017

Raised: £857.25

St John's Lodge 167

August 2017

Raised: £2500

Megan's Cakes for Charity

June 2017

Raised: £180

JPSF Childhood Cancer Awareness Cake Sale

September 2016

Raised: £337.54

Sadie & Lily Horler Cake & Sweet Sale

September 2016

Raised: £20.29

Sue & Steve's 25th Wedding Anniversary

September 2016

Raised: £3,185

Martine Hoxha Twilight Colorthon 2016 - 10k walk

July 2016

Raised: £361.25

JPSF Toy Sale at the St. Anne's PTA Summer Fayre

June 2016

Raised: £264.25

Emily Small, Abbie Burns & Alex Rosenberg Donations

May 2016

Raised: £1,100

Lucy Horler Great Bristol 10k Run

May 2016

Raised: £521.25

Bath Spa University Easter Chick Sale

April 2016

Raised: £150

Mill Hill School Charity Committee

March 2016

Raised: £1,596.97

Dan & Martin 10k Assault Course Challenge

March 2016

Raised: £721.25

Barney Leboff & Hertsmere Jewish Primary School

February 2016

Raised: £193.73

St. Anne's Primary School - Non-Uniform day

January 2016

Raised: £248.68

Martine Hoxha – 12hr Darts Challenge

November 2015

Raised: £1,670

JPSF Christmas Toy Fair & Collectibles Auction

November 2015

Raised: £2,757.50

Chris Blanden ran the Bristol-Bath Marathon

25th Oct 2015

Raised: £1,567.50

Rachel and Simon Clarke doing the Chester Marathon

4th Oct 2015

Raised: £1,240

Rebecca Brockway, Kate Evans and Nicola Giles doing the Dryathon

September 2015

Raised: £242.50

Joe Howe ran the Bristol Half Marathon

13th Sept 2015

Raised: £576.25

Spartan Airsoft

23rd August 2015

Raised: £2,856.25

Hayley Friend at The Chapel Coffee Shop

August 2015

Raised: £145.52

Martine, Dan and Ben took part in the Twilight Colourthon Run

4th July 2015

Raised: £933.50

Su Wainwright doing the Bristol 10k

31st May 2015

Raised: £245

Suzy's 'Shopping Extravaganza'

23rd April 2015

Raised: £2,547

Bath Spa University Easter Chick Sale

March 2015

Raised: £160

St. Anne's CE Primary School, Pancake Day Sale

March 2015

Raised: £41.54

Brandon Johnson and his team from Mill Hill School

March 2015

Raised: £2,085

Park Lane Big Band

February 2015

Raised: £347.40

Joel Prince Starlight Fund - A Charity Evening

27th June 2015

Raised: £10,950

Massive thanks to everyone who supported this evening. It was a wonderful night and the total raised was £10,950. Such a huge and unexpected amount, we are so grateful to all those who bought raffle tickets, event tickets, all auction bidders, our guest speakers, the bands, volunteers, suppliers and all who donated, so generously, their time and efforts.